eBay account specialist

Our eBay account specialists can sell products on your behalf. We can all the product shots, write excellent product descriptions. We can work towards automating your eBay and ecommerce website product ability so we can spend more time writing SEO NLP improved product descriptions on your website to improve CRO.  🦋

How does NLP work in the sales process. Well if you talk about knocking on wood when selling wooden doors. Whenever someone knocks on the customers door it will remind them that you sell doors subconsciously and for some people not subsciousness.

An idea for good NLP I teach my wives to make them good writers is when I tell them to tell my children if they pick blackberries for me it will help me pay for their holiday to Disney land Paris. I then put a picture of a black berrie and Disney land on their smart phone screen saver.

The point in the sales process and directecting sales to your eBay store as the payment process system is go direct microsite sites to your eBay store. 💖 Keep your eye on the prize!