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Your logo is usually one of the first things a person recognises from your brand. Encompassing your logo, your brand is the impression you leave people with when they come into contact with your company.

Every company is unique. When developing a logo and brand for your company, it’s important to consider questions such as what you sell, how you do business, why you are different from the competition and why that’s important. Having identified this, developing your brand involves creatively finding a method to communicate this information in a distinctive, memorable and meaningful way, offering a positive perception of your company. Collaboration with you is key. We will talk to you in depth about your target markets to get to the core of what you are and where you sit within your industry.

Having developed your brand, it’s fundamental to manage your brand effectively. In practical terms, brand management involves controlling the range of visual elements which make up your identity. These should be supported by guidance on how to express the brand in words and pictures.

Whether it’s stationery, or even signage, your new visual brand can include; fonts, colours, icons, photography and distinctive design elements. Having established a memorable brand, it’s best practice to provide brand guidelines and make them available to staff, franchisees, suppliers and the media. Brand management maintains consistency, re-enforces reputation and helps companies achieve competitive advantage. Developing and maintaining a strong brand gives something for your target market to support and maintains brand loyalty.

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